16th Aug 2021

Why should I try family mediation?

By Nicole Phillips

Why should I try family mediation?

A recent survey by OnePoll asked one thousand divorcees about their experience of getting divorced. Over three quarters of people interviewed found their divorce stressful, and a quarter wished they’d chosen another way to end their marriage. A quarter regretted not using mediation and arbitration services to end their relationship.

Divorce and separation have far-reaching emotional repercussions. There are also a wide variety of practical issues that flow from divorce and separation. How will the couple go about de-linking their financial ties? If they have children together, how will they adapt to co-parenting when the family is no longer living under the same roof?

Where an ex-couple are struggling to agree their future plans directly, a more macro-level question arises: – how will they go about resolving their differences?

Professionals who work in this area and who adopt a truly client-centred approach will explore the different options available to their client, without nudging them down a path that might not be the best fit for them.

Where it can be conducted safely, mediation is one way for couples to discuss and agree on the best arrangements for the future.

Family mediators are professionals who act in a neutral capacity to help divorcing and separating couples have difficult conversations about their future.

As to why you might wish to try family mediation:

  • Mediation provides a space for you to explore future arrangements, calmly and privately, reducing the possibility of miscommunications that can sometimes arise where each person is communicating via a third party, such as a lawyer.
  • Mediation helps you to make informed decisions about what is right for your future and the future of your children.
  • Mediated agreements can be reached more swiftly and more cheaply than other dispute resolution processes, such as solicitor lead negotiations or court proceedings.
  • Mediation allows you and your ex to talk through matters on your own terms and in accessible language, without legal jargon.

If you would like to know more about family mediation and how it can help you to find a resolution to your family issues, please contact Wendy Hoare, our family mediation coordinator or contact us at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.

For more information on mediation, visit our mediation page below which explains how mediation works and what types of disputes it can be used to resolve.