20th Nov 2018

Where do unmarried couples stand when they separate?

Family Law in Partnership associate Kara Swift examined the rights of unmarried couples who live together but then separate in her recent article (November [2018] Fam Law) for Family Law which analysed the case of Dobson v Griffey [2018] EWHC 1117 (Ch), on which Kara advised.

Kara successfully represented the defendant, Mr Griffey, in a claim by his former partner, Ms Dobson, who was looking to establish equitable ownership over farm property exclusively owned by Mr Griffey. The case is a stark reminder of the limited legal rights that apply to cohabiting couples and the unequal treatment in law resulting from their non-marital status.

Kara advises on all aspects of private family law for a wide range of clients including high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. “I want to help each of my clients select and then navigate the process that is best for them by providing pragmatic advice on the options available and instilling a sense of confidence in their future. I understand the need to be adaptable and can provide effective advice on solicitor led negotiation, mediation and litigation at court.”  

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