24th Apr 2023

Where Do I Stand? A Guide on Divorce & Separation

By James Pirrie

I’ve Decided To Divorce/Separate – Where Do I Stand?


At FLiP we truly understand how difficult it can be to take the first step towards a divorce or separation. Often the road ahead is difficult to navigate. We have created a bespoke guide to enable you to focus on the pieces that need to be addressed so that you can manage the process well and with the right support.

James Pirrie, a Director at FLiP, highlights how this curated guide may assist you in providing an outline as to what to expect and the choices you will have if you decide to proceed.


If you had attended my school in Suffolk in the 60s and early 70s, you would have had drummed into you, as I did, the 5 Ws mantra, so fifty years on, here goes:


Time and time again, research shows that there is a poor understanding of the legal principles applied by the family courts, (which those of us who live and breathe family law find utterly familiar and indeed common-sensical). Many, many of those who have subsequently become our clients have suddenly found themselves on the cliff edge of separation and gazing into the apparent fog, with absolutely no idea of what is coming next.

We want you to know the basics. We hope to reassure you that it is going to be ok!  We know that this needs to be user friendly and tailored to you. If we can ease the pain at this moment of greatest worry, our goals are met.


Tell us three things and we can tell you the thumbnail of what you need to know:

  • If you have children, the centrality of their welfare in the decisions to be made (and also the Gillick principle that respects their increasing say)
  • The different regimes that apply to married and never-married families
  • The relevance of the child maintenance formula (and where to find out more)
  • The complexities of families straddling jurisdictions and what may now be needed.


We intend this to be used by anyone wanting the bare essentials.

As regards who we are – we are family law professionals and therapists with many hundreds of years of experience between us that we would love to share to get families on the right path to the good solutions they need.


Download the results from your questionnaire or view it online any time. We are available for follow up guidance and if you would like to speak to us, simply fill out the contact form at the end of the questionnaire and we can get in contact at a time to suit you.


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Deciding the best way forward is never easy.

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