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During a relationship, couples deal with issues that arise between themselves, sometimes relying on family and friends, or couple counselling support. But the point of separation is a particularly stressful time. It also brings you up against the edges of the legal system whether you like it or not.

For most couples, this does not have to mean facing contested court proceedings (litigation) and the associated time and costs spent. Often, all that is needed is a reassuring hand, to guide you. Something that we at FLiP are experienced at doing for our clients.

This brief guide is intended to flag up important points for you to consider – but it doesn’t provide legal advice. It could never be comprehensive for every person and we would always recommend getting further professional advice.

Our aim at FLiP is to equip you to understand where there are legal principles. We can also advise on the options available and assist in identifying those which offer the greatest opportunity for you to reach closure, in a manner that protects you and those dearest to you.

We also offer an initial quick discussion and assessment. This might lead to one to one support, just for you. Alternatively, it may be appropriate for your former partner to engage with us too. This can be especially beneficial in circumstances where there is a clear intention between you both to cooperate in achieving an amicable resolution. If this sounds like your situation, FLiP Settle or FLiP Together may be the way forward.

If you are ready to talk to someone from FLiP, please complete the enquiry form below. Alternatively you can always call us on 0207 420 5000.

Please note:

  • We don’t provide legal aid and we charge at hourly rates of between £180 and £600 per hour (plus VAT). Once we know about your specific situation and the options most appropriate to you, we will provide guidance on the likely costs.
  • There may be rare occasions when we are unable to act for you and we will talk this through with you.

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