13th Aug 2019

“Treat divorce as a process – it will come to an end at some point.”

This is just one of the top tips given by contributors to our Divorce Diaries website. The website brings together the experiences of over 25 of our former clients who have been through a divorce or separation.

Divorce Diaries is the brainwave of Family Law in Partnership director James Pirrie. Here he explains how the website came about:

For some time we have wanted to create a community of support between our clients. What we have been able to do, through the generosity of a number of our clients, is to bring together in the Divorce Diaries website their experiences of going through a divorce or separation. The names we have used on the site are fictitious but the divorce stories that they tell are entirely real. We really hope that those of you going through family breakdown may be helped by the real life advice and experiences shared in the Divorce Diaries. We are enormously grateful to everyone who has contributed their Divorce Diary for sharing their insight and experience in the hope of helping others.”

More top tips:

“Don’t expect to move swiftly from the decision to divorce to the end date – it might take longer than you imagine.”

“Do not open letters or emails relating to the divorce at night or at the weekend – they may bring bad news and will result in a bad night’s sleep or a ruined weekend.”

“Choose a very experienced lawyer if you can and follow their advice.”

To read more of the top tips from our contributors and for a list of websites where you can find further help and support, visit Divorce Diaries .

If you yourself are in need of legal assistance, contact any of the experienced family and divorce lawyers at Family Law in Partnership at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.