15th Apr 2016

Training for the IFLA Children Scheme

James Pirrie and Felicity Shedden give a delegate’s view of training for the IFLA Children Scheme in an article by Matthias Mueller published today in Family Law.

Both James and Felicity are already qualified IFLA arbitrators under the financial scheme and are among the first to undergo training for the children scheme which has recently been launched by the IFLA.

The Family Law article examines some of the issues which are unique to the children scheme including the question of safeguarding in family arbitration and how to deal with the voice of the child. It also touches on the possibility of all issues’ arbitration with the same person able to look at both the child and financial arrangements to provide an integrated solution – this is bound to be an attractive option for some clients. Gillian Bishop will undergo the IFLA children scheme training this weekend.

At Family Law in Partnership, we have three lawyers qualified to arbitrate financial disputes in family cases under the current IFLA scheme – James Pirrie, Felicity Shedden and Bradley Williams – and offer considerable expertise in arbitration. For further information about family arbitration, please contact James Pirrie or Felicity Shedden , visit our arbitration page or read our arbitration brochure.