27th Jan 2016

Topical talks by Family Law in Partnership

Family Law in Partnership are hosting a series of topical, family focused talks during 2016. The first of these talks will take place on Wednesday 10th February and will cover the impact of divorce on the extended family. The invitation is set out below.

The talk will be given by a leading psychologist, Dr Avi Shmueli, from The Tavistock Centre for Couples and Separating Families, together with Grandparents Plus, an organisation devoted to supporting grandparents and their role in children’s lives following separation and divorce. The talk will explore the impact of separation and divorce on extended families. The speakers will give advice and tips for extended families in dealing with the fall out from a separation including how to maintain relationships with grandchildren, how to facilitate relationships with former in-laws and how best to enjoy strong family bonds going forward. 

We have a few spare places left for the talk. If you would like to attend, please email us at hello@flip.co.uk or call us on 020 7420 5000.