09th Jan 2018

The Silent Split: The Unacknowledged Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

On the evening of Tuesday 30th January 2018 Family Law in Partnership will host the next in our series of Thought Leadership talks. The renowned Divorce Expert and author of Parenting Apart, Christina McGhee, will examine the topic “The Silent Split: The Unacknowledged Impact of Divorce on Adult Children“.

Christina’s view is that divorce is not a single moment event but rather a process that unfolds over time impacting nearly every area of a child’s life. When parents separate late in life, they often fail to realise the profound effect it will have on their grown children. During this talk, Christina will explore the dynamics of divorce for grown children, identify key issues that are often overlooked by parents and how family law professionals can offer supportive guidance to these families.

Christina has kindly written us a guest blog on this topic: 8 Things Adult Children of Divorce Desperately Want You to Know which you can read here.

Attendance at the Thought Leadership talks is by invitation only. If you would like to attend this event or hear about future talks in this series, please contact Sarah Cloke of Family Law in Partnership at E: sc@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.