21st Oct 2019

The Impact of Divorce on Children

Divorce can be incredibly destabilising for children and can have a huge impact on them. The younger the child, the more “care taking” they will need. When a parent’s capacity to care is reduced, whether from stress of a divorce/separation or simply due to the fact that more of their time is taken up by the processing of separating, a child may in turn be negatively affected.

On World Mental Health Day (10th October 2019) Chris Mills, psychotherapist, family consultant, family law supervisor and trainer spoke to the team of family lawyers and mediators at Family Law in Partnership about the impact of divorce on children. He talked about the approach which family lawyers can take when discussing child arrangements with clients who are going through a divorce/relationship breakdown.

Here at Family Law in Partnership we provide not simply outstanding legal advice but emotional and practical support to ensure that our clients are supported at each step of the way through their divorce or separation. This in turn ensures that any child of the family is placed front and centre during the decision making process and that the impact of divorce on children is minimised where possible.

We have teamed up with The Parent Practice and, in the New Year, we are re-launching our Parenting After Parting course. This course focuses on helping parents to focus on the needs of their children during the divorce and separation process. The course itself covers issues such as what to say to children about separation and divorce, how children can be affected when parents split up, how to help children to manage grief and loss constructively and how to establish a parenting relationship with your ex-partner. The workshops are run in groups of around a dozen parents by our very experienced Head of Mediation, Dominic Raeside together with Elaine Halligan and Melissa Hood of The Parent Practice.

The Parenting After Parting course dates for 2020 will be released within the next few weeks – watch this space for more information.

At Family Law in Partnership we are widely recognised for our expertise in advising parents on all issues relating to their children. Whether our clients seek our advice to reach an agreement with the other parent or find themselves making or defending a Court application, our team of experienced family and divorce lawyers are able to guide and support our clients through the relevant process. For more information, contact any of our experienced family and divorce lawyers at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.