Divorce: Using our Maintenance Calculator

If you want to calculate any changes to your maintenance payments, look no further than our Maintenance Calculator. This can give you an indication of how inflation might have affected your original maintenance order by reference to RPI (the retail prices index), CPI (the consumer prices index) or RPIX.

Take a look at your existing maintenance order and check the date when the maintenance payments adjust by reference to inflation. The clause containing this information should look something like this:

Annual variation in periodical payments

The periodical payments set out in paragraphs 13-16 shall be varied automatically on the “variation date”, which shall be on the date of the payment due in April 2023 and at yearly intervals afterwards.

The change in the payments shall be the percentage change, if any, between the UK consumer prices index during the most recent 12 month period preceding the variation date for which index data has been published.

You can then use our Maintenance Calculator to see how your existing maintenance payments have been changed.

If you have any queries on the Maintenance Calculator or if you require more specific help or guidance on your maintenance payments on divorce, please contact FLiP Director James Pirrie on E: jp@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000, or take a look at our dedicated website page here.