Self-isolation is a challenge at the best of times. At these worst of times it can be particularly difficult. With schools now closing, family life is turned on its head. One or both parents may be working from home (or, in the worst case scenario, they may have lost their jobs). Financial concerns, worries about what the future may hold and when life may return to some sort of normality put strain on even the most secure of relationships.

Statistics from China indicate that divorce rates have risen after the imposition of isolation due to Covid-19. And we have seen one of the most high-profile London divorce lawyers, Baroness Shackleton, predict a rise in divorce rates in the UK following self imposed isolation. This will mirror the spike in divorce rates we family lawyers often see after the Christmas or summer holidays.

So what is the answer to surviving Covid-19 lockdown with your relationship in good shape? Esther Walker, who is married to Giles Coren, provided her top tips for successfully working at home with your partner in The Times, March 17 2020. She talks of establishing new routines and managing expectations from the get-go. Be respectful of the other person’s space, routine and habits. Limit noise and interruptions, where possible. Working at home is likely to be a feature of our lives for some time to come so let’s work towards productivity rather than divorce.

And for those relationships which do run into difficulties, what can be done? Communication is essential. Sometimes outside help is needed so consider speaking to counsellors or therapists who will be used to working remotely with clients.

At Family Law in Partnership we offer counselling and mediation services both of which can be delivered by telephone or by video conferencing, as required. And where matters escalate please contact any of our top London divorce lawyers on E: or T: 020 7420 5000.

Above all, keep safe and well. And don’t let your relationship be another victim of Covid-19.