David Allison, director of Family Law in Partnership, was interviewed yesterday by Share Radio about the cost of divorce. David appeared as part of a panel on Sarah Pennell’s “Women & Money” programme on 30th January 2017.

At Family Law in Partnership we are happy to discuss flexible pricing arrangements for your divorce including, where appropriate, fixed fees for all aspects of our work including our first meeting with you. Rest assured that our specialists will support you with advice of the highest quality, delivered with empathy and care, regardless of the pricing arrangement that we agree between us.

DIY divorce:

You may want to take charge of the divorce yourself, doing as much of the paperwork and negotiations with your partner as possible, without the involvement of lawyers. We will support you in doing this, providing specialist advice as and when you require it, charging you for the amount of time we spend in providing any such advice. Our hourly rates are highly competitive.

Fixed fee divorce:

If the terms of your divorce are agreed, we offer a fixed fee for divorce proceedings. The fee covers all of the procedural aspects of the divorce, which will be conducted by one of our experienced legal assistants. It excludes, however, the cost of any advice on the financial aspects of the divorce, advice on issues relating to children and any court fees. Please contact us for further details.

Complex or contested proceedings:

Some divorce proceedings can be very complex and some are fiercely contested. In these circumstances you are likely to need highly specialised advice. We will discuss which pricing arrangement is best for you, tailoring any arrangement to suit your personal circumstances and needs. We can provide a straightforward cost estimate so you know what to expect or, if appropriate, work with you to agree a fixed fee arrangement with each phase of the process priced separately. Please contact any of our lawyers to discuss what options are available to you.

If you would like to find out how our flexible pricing arrangements can help you, please speak to any of our lawyers.