ReFLEx Training is Coming to Scotland!


FLiP Consultant and founder of ReFLEx Training Gillian Bishop is delivering a talk to Shared Parenting Scotland next month, May 2024.

ReFLEx stands for Relationships : Family Law : Excellence. It is a platform which provides training and resources designed to help family law professionals take a more holistic approach to acting for their clients.

There are a total of 9 workshops which cover skills such as listening, asking questions to get the answers you need, setting and maintaining boundaries, the use of language, managing conflict and understanding the impact of conflict on children.  Upon completion, the 9 workshops will add up to a Certificate in Essential Skills, the first of its kind.

Gillian will be delivering a talk to Shared Parenting Scotland explaining more about the training in which ReFLEx provides to help family professionals take a more holistic approach to working with parents. Shared Parenting Scotland is a charity which acts as a resource for separated parents in their aim to successfully co-parent.

Gillian will be speaking at the Shared Parenting Scotland on Thursday 9th May in Glasgow (book here) and in Edinburgh on Friday 10th May (book here).

Gillian says: “I am delighted and honoured to have been asked by Shared Parenting Scotland to present ReFLEx to their members. Essential skills are just that – essential to our ability to work with our clients in the best possible way. The idea behind ReFLEx is to equip us with these skills through a variety of training methods, the most important of which is self-reflection.  If we better understand how we view things such as conflict, relationships and boundaries the better we will understand and assist our clients.”

If attending either event, you will also learn more about the Shared Parenting Scotland’s New Ways For Families which is an online training training course for separated parents.

The events are free of charge.

For more information on ReFLEx and the courses available, please visit the ReFLEx website via the link below.

Alternatively call T: +44 (0) 330 1330 852 and ask to speak with Gillian Bishop.