Podcast: Rainbow Rights in Family Law: Australia and England & Wales


Nicholes Family Lawyers Partner Bec Dahl is joined by FLiP Director David Allison to discuss the rights and challenges experienced by the LGBTQIA+ community as far as family law is concerned in both Australia and England & Wales. During the podcast David and Bec discuss:

  1. Identifying what “de-facto” relationships are and whether they are recognised in both Australia and England & Wales. De facto relationships are effectively relationships where couples live together but are not married.
  2. The rights and claims available for cohabitating couples upon separation.
  3. The campaign for reform of the rights for cohabiting couples in England and Wales.
  4. Legal protections available for cohabitants/de-facto couples in Australia compared to those in England & Wales to include cohabitation agreements.
  5. The rights of the LGBTQIA+ community in family law across both jurisdictions.
  6. Specific challenges that LGBTQIA+ individuals may face.
  7. The rights of individuals entering into civil partnerships in England & Wales.
  8. What England & Wales could learn from Australia concerning the laws governing cohabitating couples and rights for transgender individuals.
  9. How surrogacy is viewed in both jurisdictions.

De facto relationships have recently hit the press in England & Wales with the pledge of the Labour Party to introduce Common Law Marriage if they win the next election. Read our blog on Labour’s Common Law Marriage pledge here.

Listen to the podcast here.

David Allison is a director at Family Law in Partnership. He acts for a wide range of individuals including business owners, entrepreneurs, bankers, other lawyers and their partners. The focus of his practice is financial claims on divorce, particularly those with an international element, but he is also well known for his expertise in the legal issues affecting cohabitants, same sex couples and civil partners. To contact David, click below.