We are proud to support OnePlusOne, the UK’s leading relationship research and innovation charity, in their fantastic campaign to highlight the damage to relationships caused by money worries. Here director James Pirrie gives his viewpoint on this growing trend:

“Money issues are a leading reason for separation and divorce, if not the final trigger, then at least a factor in the dissatisfaction. But separation is one of the worst ways of managing a financial problem. Assets that were barely meeting the needs of one household must meet the costs of two and as many couples don’t talk openly about money, there are often shocks on both sides. Once couples incur additional costs on negotiations, the legal process and the transition, it may take decades to recover … if they ever do. Much heartache and loss could be saved with programmes to ‘out’ money discussions and work together before it reaches crisis point.”

James Pirrie is a director at Family Law in Partnership. He specialises in complex financial issues and non-adversarial and cost effective approaches to divorce and separation including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. He helps clients take control of the issues that affect them, clarifying priorities, exploring all the options and identifying the best way forward. Contact James at E: mailto:jp@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.