World Mental Health Day 2023

On World Mental Health Day 2023 members of the FLiP team offer their thoughts on what good mental health means to them.

“Good mental health means remembering we’re all human – things won’t always go to plan – but it’s how we respond when they don’t that matters”

“Being comfortable in your own skin”

“For me it means doing things that make your heart and mind happy, whether that be meeting up with friends and family, going for a walk or just taking time for yourself”

“Good mental health means feeling positive today. Yesterday may not have been a great day but what is important is being ok in the moment”

“For me, good mental health is the ability to engage and cope with the usual stresses of day-to-day life. A balance between body and mind, where I feel in control and valued and have promoted positive actions and lifestyle choices”

“Having the ability to cope with the normal stresses of life and function well in society, being adaptable and able to relate to others”

“It is when your cup is half full rather than half empty”

“It means feeling good about yourself and being able to appreciate and be present with relationships/work/hobbies/life in general”

“Good mental health doesn’t mean feeling happy all the time. It’s about acknowledging when you’re having a tough time and working out what you need to do to get through that. Sometimes that can be as simple as taking some time out to do something for yourself. Some people run, others find cooking, painting or playing music meditative. Other times it can be about recognising that you can’t do everything yourself and it’s alright to seek outside help”

“It comes from being able to ask for help when you need it”

Here at FLiP we chose YoungMinds as our charity of the year at the start of 2023. YoungMinds launched their campaign #HelloYellow back in 2016 to show young people they’re not alone. This year, during the lead up to World Mental Health Day, we have been wearing Young Minds’ #HelloYellow pin badges to show our support for young people’s mental health while raising vital funds for YoungMinds.

At FLiP we have a wellbeing committee for FLiP team members which acts as a support network for our employees, and a wellbeing hub for clients which can be found on our website here.

We launched our wellbeing hub because we recognise that going through a divorce or separation is so much more than a legal process. Our wellbeing hub includes referrals to our network of trusted advisers, and the reflections on divorce or separation of former clients wrapped up in our Divorce Diaries.

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