In the context of Resolution’s and the Family Matters campaign for no fault divorce, Family Law in Partnership counsellor and therapist Jo Harrison shares her experience of the impact of fault based divorce within the four walls of the consulting room in this article which appeared in Family Law Week.

Jo Harrison is an experienced relationship counsellor, family consultant and former family lawyer. She sees individuals and couples (whether separated or not) for consultations and also acts as a family consultant to support the collaborative law process.

Jo has a depth and breadth of expertise in working with clients who are separating or divorcing and is sensitive to the impact of relationship breakdown and how it can affect individuals and families. As a relationship counsellor Jo fully appreciates the emotional upheaval and difficulties of a separation and as a former family lawyer she understands the particular pressures of going through the legal process.

Jo offers a consultation service where any individual or couple contemplating or going through divorce or separation can access her services (separately from any legal process) and seek support and a space to think about what is happening and how to manage it. This may involve on-going work with Jo or could prompt a referral to another specialist. She has a flexible way of working with clients. For example, a client might come for a one-off consultation and then revert to Jo some months later for a review. Others find it helpful to plan a short course of meetings. Jo might meet with a separating couple individually or jointly.

For more information on how Jo Harrison can support you through divorce or separation, contact Jo at E: or T: 020 7420 5000.