As the UK contemplates its withdrawal from the European Union, what impact is Brexit likely to have on couples going through divorce?

As the dust settles after last week’s EU referendum vote, it is time for a careful and considered approach. With the stock market in turmoil, asset values – including the value of shares and property – are more difficult to pin down. And inevitably, share values have a knock on impact on the underlying value of pensions too. DIY divorce – like that of Gary Lineker and his former wife Danielle – has never looked less tempting. Expert advice is essential to ensure that couples going through a divorce fully understand the financial implications of the arrangements they are negotiating.

The legislative framework surrounding family law will, in time, change too. The UK is subject to a number of European Regulations which have an impact on the practice of family law including jurisdiction in family law disputes and the enforcement of decisions. When the time comes for the UK to withdraw from the European Union new rules to replace these regulations will need to be negotiated and agreed with other countries. But until then, the current rules and regulations will continue to apply.

Watch this space!

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