Our Divorce Diaries website – www.divorcediaries.co.uk– has received the most wonderful feedback. Here’s some of the recent feedback from clients and commentators alike:

“It will help many people as they are thinking about divorcing. It is easy to navigate and it looks interesting too”

“A (document) like this, cataloguing other people’s experiences, would have been helpful to me at the time. I think it will be a very useful resource”

“It helped me to realise that although I really did not want my marriage to break down I’m actually not alone with what were challenging issues to deal with”

“The diaries are brilliant and I have enjoyed reading people’s different experiences”

“The web site is excellent and I love the various ways you can access information”

“I should have said how great I think this resource is – it would have been so helpful to have had access to it before I started the process. Very real, insightful and supportive”

“I like the way you have identified a number of different individual experiences so that a potential client can relate to something that matches their own set of circumstances and gain some encouragement from a positive outcome”

“People can feel very isolated…this is a really good resource for them”

“Good clear website…people will find it useful”

 “Well done on Divorce Diaries, it looks fab and is such a great initiative”

“Brilliant idea. Keeping a diary so helpful”

“What a brilliant idea”

“Just wanted to say The Divorce Diaries is brilliant!”

“We really like the website and think it’s an excellent resource”

“…the divorce diaries in particular were very unique, innovative and showed you truly cared for your clients’ wellbeing

Take a look at the Divorce Diaries website to read the real life experiences and advice on divorce from those who have been through it. The divorce stories they tell give insight and advice on how you can get through the divorce process. The Divorce Diaries website also has a list of top tips from the contributors and websites that you can visit to get further help and support.

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