Happy Valentine’s Day?

We can all probably remember the excitement of receiving a Valentine’s card in our teens.

Who could it be from/someone actually fancies me…What excitement!!

Fast forward a few years and perhaps when we are in an established relationship the day becomes overlooked/ignored…perhaps just another commercial event to be exploited?

Once a relationship has ended and we are single again it can become another reminder of what we have lost- a prod to a raw spot.

For many people who have experienced bereavement, anniversaries and special occasions (especially in the first year) can be very painful as thoughts inevitably drift to those who are absent.

Unlike random events that remind us of others (music on the radio/ past shared experiences etc) things like birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries are fixed dates.

Many people find it helpful to plan ahead and do something to mitigate against what might otherwise be a very difficult/painful day.

If Valentine’s Day has lost it’s shine or you are likely to be on your own perhaps consider taking a similar approach. Rather than it being a painful reminder celebrate what you do have. With a bit of forward planning you could use it as an opportunity for a bit of “self love”. Do something nice/treat yourself…..be your own Valentine!

Andrew Pearce is one of our in-house therapists. He is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. At FLiP Andrew’s practice includes supporting individuals and couples across a wide range of family issues.

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