Q&A – What is Restored Lives?


In this blog, FLiP Associate Grace Lawrence speaks about Restored Lives, a charity which provides support to individuals going through a divorce or separation. Grace answers some commonly asked questions so that you can learn more about the fantastic charity and understand Grace’s involvement in the same.

  • What is Restored Lives?

 Restored Lives is a charity dedicated to creating resources to support anyone going through the breakup of a marriage or civil partnership or separation from a partner. In particular, it offers an eight-session course for adults – in small groups, either in person or online – which explores the challenges commonly faced when a relationship breaks down whether emotional, practical, legal or financial. Each session includes a talk on a relevant issue and there is an opportunity for group discussion and hearing other participant’s and former participant’s stories.

  • Who are the courses aimed at?

Restored Lives is for anyone who is going through or has been through the breakdown of a significant relationship. This includes cohabiting couples, recent breakups, as well as those that ended years ago. This year, the charity has also developed a five-session workshop series called ‘Your Direction’ that is directed at teenagers and young adults. There are separate sessions for those aged 12 – 18 and 18 – 30. The purpose of the sessions is to help young people navigate their parents’ separation or divorce.

  • What is your involvement in Restored Lives?

Since 2019, I have helped with the session called “Getting Expert Help”. Course participants can book short online sessions with an array of different experts, including family lawyers, mediators, counsellors, financial planners and coaches. Participants usually come to me with specific queries across the breadth of family law. For example, one person might ask about the online divorce process and another may ask about wanting to relocate with their child. I also try to signpost relevant resources and further information.

  • What do you like about volunteering for Restored Lives?

It goes back to why I wanted to be a family lawyer in the first place – it is about using legal knowledge and experience to help people in times of crisis. Because the allotted time with each person is relatively short, it is real test of my skill set as a family lawyer; I have to get to the nub of the issue quickly and think from a practical perspective in order to provide meaningful support. I often find myself ‘myth busting’.  People sometimes have misplaced fears around divorce and finances because of misinformation online and in the media or what their spouse has told them. It is rewarding to help people get the facts. I admire the strength shown by the people I meet.

  • How can I book onto a course?

The 2024 courses can be booked via Restored Lives’ website – here.

FLiP is proud of the work that Grace does with Restored Lives. One of the charity’s organisers, Richard Denham, comments that “Grace has been a huge help to participants on the course who are always complimentary about the sensitive way Grace guides them. For someone in crisis these short meetings are really important and are frequently described as a turning point, so huge thanks to Grace for giving her time up for this support.”

For further information or advice on any of the topics raised in this Q&A, please contact Grace Lawrence in the first instance at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.