FLiP Podcast – Divorce and the impact of Depression


In this second FLiP Podcast, FLiP Associate Hannah Greene teams up with Chris Mills, a leading consultant psychotherapist, to discuss the impact of depression on divorce.

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events and yet couples are asked to make significant and, potentially, life changing decisions about finances and children in a rational and considered way. At the same time some individuals may be facing their own mental health struggles.

Sadly, divorce and depression often come hand in hand. In today’s episode, we explore the real meaning of depression, how it can impact on our lives, particularly when going through a divorce, and how best to manage those feelings.

FLiP are delighted to be joined by Chris Mills for today’s discussion. Chris is a consultant psychotherapist supporting both individuals and couples. He is hugely experienced and has been working in this field privately, in collaborative practice teams, in the NHS and in higher education for over 25 years. In his work as a relationship therapist Chris has developed a keen understanding of the emotional pressures which couples carry with them, particularly when their relationship is in difficulty.

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