Therapy in the Divorce Process 

Why bother with a therapist in the divorce process? 

Often in times of high stress and trauma, we don’t feel like ourselves, and it can be difficult to have a perspective that isn’t overwhelmed by emotion.

This is a “natural” response to “abnormal” events and where we are operating in a fight or flight mode.

Whilst it may be a “normal” human response it can feel very debilitating and unhelpful.

Emotions such as rage, shame, humiliation, failure, rejection,  and loss, are common with couples who are separating. After all few of us set out in a relationship with this end in mind!

All too often events in the present can touch on something very raw from our past and can raise sensitive issues from childhood.

If we become focused on “winning” or “punishing” the other or seeking revenge in some way it can set a destructive chain of events in motion. If children are involved this can have a very negative impact in the short term as well as far reaching consequences.

  • Working with a therapist/counsellor alongside a lawyer/mediator can help to save time and money.
  • Psychological support is generally less expensive than paying a lawyer to get too involved in supporting you emotionally.
  • It can really help to take a step back, contain your emotions and think clearly about what the future might begin to look like.
  • In short we can help facilitate an emotional transition from what is going on now to a brighter more settled future.

Find out more about how our in-house relationship therapists can support you by looking at our dedicated Counselling page.


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