Jo Harrison Quoted in iNews – How to Co-Parent After Divorce


How to co-parent after divorce: ‘The best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me’. Published on 17 February 2023.

We are pleased to see FLiP’s in-house therapist and family consultant Jo Harrison quoted in the recent iNews article “How to Co-Parent After Divorce”.  Jo comments on how to establish a good co-parenting relationship after divorce or separation:

“It is all about building up trust, which the separation itself may have weakened, but which is required more than ever when children are between two households.”

The full article published on iNews can be found here.

Jo is the author of the recently published book Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have and Why The Washing Up Matters – an essential read for couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. You can buy the book here.

At Family Law in Partnership we understand that children are particularly vulnerable to the impact of divorce and separation.  If you need legal advice we will work by your side to put in place the best possible arrangements for the long term benefit of you and your children. You can read more about child arrangements and parenting on our dedicated page linked below.

FLiP’s in-house counsellor Jo Harrison offers counselling for both individuals and couples at FLiP. She has a particular expertise in working with those who are going through a relationship breakdown. For more information on how Jo can help you navigate your way through divorce and separation, contact Jo.