It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

It’s that time of year again when many of us spend the majority of time indoors.

Even when family dynamics are generally good, close proximity can be a challenge.

If relationships are strained then things can start to boil over quite quickly. We can feel torn between wanting “to stay together for the family at Christmas” or “not be the bad guy” versus an overwhelming instinct to just want to get away.

This kind of pressure can crystalise thinking from “I’m not sure I want this anymore”  to“that’s it I’m done”.

At this point people invariably change from mulling things over, to talking to someone, or externalising their thoughts.

BUT….who to talk to/confide in without compromising them or over burdening them AND avoiding others unhelpfully fanning the flames!

Talking to a neutral third party like a therapist or counsellor can help to pause for breath and perhaps find ways to constructively contain/channel emotion which can feel like a huge relief.

Taking some time to reflect and clarify thinking before talking to a partner or instructing a lawyer can be invaluable.

Whatever happens next (stay or go) may well have far reaching consequences for all concerned. It may be too big a decision to make in isolation and best to avoid any knee jerk reactions post Christmas. So, perhaps consider talking it all through with someone neutral.

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