Time for Collaborative Law To Come of Age


FLiP Director James Pirrie has collaborated with Charlotte Bradley of Kingsley Napley on a joint article for The Law Society Gazette: Time for Collaborative Law to Come of Age (3rd May 2024).

Against the backdrop of serious delays in the family court system and changes to the Family Procedure Rules (29 April 2024) encouraging the use of out of court dispute resolution processes, James and Charlotte argue that the time is now right for practitioners to use the collaborative law process. The framework of the collaborative process encourages couples to reach an agreement away from the courts, with the benefit of legal and other expert advice, where appropriate, provided in a collaborative and flexible environment.

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Family: Time for collaborative law to come of age | Law Gazette

The collaborative approach can be a beneficial way of resolving issues, whether or not you and your partner have children. It is an approach that gives individuals their own voice and real control over the outcome.

The collaborative approach is one in which you and your partner, and lawyers for both of you, commit to resolving the matters between you without involving the Court (other than to deal with the legal formalities of the divorce and to approve the financial settlement you reach). Some people refer to this as a collaborative divorce. It is this “no Court commitment” which for many offers the prospect of delivering a solution for the long-term benefit of you and your family.

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James Pirrie is a director at Family Law in Partnership.

James recognises that families are different and there is no single right solution for everyone – you will need the right process, at the right time to have your best chance of the optimal outcome.

James conducts litigation as an arbitrator, accredited mediator and collaborative lawyer. He can work within the one couple – one lawyer model and as a negotiator or advocate, engaging a wide range of allied professionals and resources to secure the right outcome in the best way possible.