FLiP Director Bradley Williams quoted in FT on Cohabitation Reform


FLiP Director Bradley Williams was quoted in the FT on the reform of the rights of cohabiting couples: “Pressure grows to reform cohabiting couples’ rights” (25 April 2024).

Describing the proposal for reform of the law on cohabitation as a “political hot potato” Bradley notes that successive Governments have not wanted to grapple with the issue before because of the difficulty in deciding which couples would be included.

The article examines the pledge of the Labour party (Common Law Marriage Pledge) to reform the protections available for cohabiting couples if they separate (see our previous blog on this matter here), and the arguments for and against cohabitation reform including from the Marriage Foundation. Of course, many legal systems already offer robust legal protection to cohabiting couples including in Scotland, and in Australia and New Zealand where “de facto relationships” are afforded legal protection.

As we move towards the General Election it will be interesting to see whether the Common Law Marriage Pledge shapes up to be a key election promise. Given the increasing numbers of cohabiting couples in England & Wales it is certainly time for the spotlight to move again to the rights of cohabiting couples.

To find out more about FLiP’s expertise in advising on the separation of cohabiting couples, take a look at our dedicated website page here.

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