Family Law in Partnership director David Allison appeared on BBC Radio Northampton yesterday (17 April 2019) along with Denise Knowles of Relate. They were invited on to Bernie Keith’s morning show to talk about the Government’s proposal to introduce no fault divorce.

David acts for a wide range of individuals including business owners, entrepreneurs, bankers, other lawyers and their partners. The focus of his practice is financial claims on divorce, particularly those with an international dimension, but he is also well known for his expertise in the legal issues affecting cohabitants, same sex couples and civil partners. David settles the vast majority of his cases outside the Court process but where cases have to go to court he is a determined and effective litigator. His goal is to achieve the best outcome for his clients and to do so in a way that produces an efficient, fair and positive result. For more information on how David can help you through your divorce or separation, visit his website profile or contact David on T: +44 (0)20 7420 5000 or E: