FLiP Supports the Donor Conception Network Annual Conference 2024


As proud members of the Donor Conception Network’s Lawyer Support Scheme, we are pleased to be able to support their annual conference this year (Saturday, 4th May 2024) with a monetary contribution.

The DCN’s annual conference encourages an opportunity to hear from other donor conception families and professionals in the field as well as donor conceived adults. Members can book here.

The Donor Conception Network are a charity providing information, support and community for those thinking about, or currently in the process of, building their family through donor conception.

Both FLiP Director Helen Greenfield and Senior Associate Kara Swift are members of the Lawyer Support Scheme. Kara comments:

“The work of The Donor Conception Network is invaluable in supporting parents and prospective parents considering donor conception.  It is great to be able to support the charitable efforts of the DCN as one of their lawyer supporters and make a donation towards the running costs of their amazing Annual Conference this Saturday!”

At the end of last year (2023), Kara wrote an article surrounding “The reality of modern families and how English family law is adapting” which was featured in the (DCN) Perspectives Magazine, Winter edition 2023. You can find a copy of the article here.

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