13th Mar 2014

Supporting women in divorce and separation with Jacqui Marson – Episode 1/6

Jacqui Marson, psychologist and author of The Curse of Lovely, shares tips to help you build up your self esteem

Family Law in Partnership, divorce lawyers in Covent Garden, London, have always believed in providing a full range of support for all of their clients – both male and female.

In this special podcast series, Neil Denny, consultant lawyer and mediator with Family Law in Partnership, explores how women who are thinking about or going through divorce or separation, can get into a position where they can move forward with their lives.  In a series of accessible, light conversations with Jacqui Marson, psychologist and author of “The Curse of Lovely; How to break free from the demands of others and learn to say no” we will provide a range of tools and approaches to help you to build your resolve, resilience and confidence.

In episode one, Jacqui looks at self esteem and how we can learn new habits to improve the way we see ourselves.  In particular we will be looking at the Dependable Strengths Inventory and 3 Good Things exercises and how you can quickly implement these tools for yourself.

And men, please do listen in.  There is a great deal for us all to learn here.

You can email Family Law in Partnership if you have any questions about separation or divorce at Hello@FLIP.co.uk or telephone 020 7420 5000.  You can contact Jacqui Marson through her website at www.jacquimarson.co.uk