04th Mar 2014

Ruth Smallacombe interviewed by LBC Radio

Ruth speaks about mediation and family breakdown to LBC Radio

Highly regarded mediator and counsellor Ruth Smallacombe of Family Law in Partnership was recently interviewed by Julia Hartley-Brewer on LBC Radio’s popular afternoon show on the role of mediation in family breakdown. She spoke about the importance of mediation in helping couples to find solutions to the issues they face at the time of divorce or separation without the pain of court proceedings and in a way that focuses on the needs of any children.

Ruth’s interview followed the much reported suggestion by one judge that separated parents should sit down and have a cup of tea together in the interests of their children. The case was reported as Re J and K (Children: Private Law) [2014] EWHC 330 (Fam).

Ruth is an accrediated mediator, counsellor, practice consultant and trainer of mediators, lawyers and therapists. Ruth was formerly chair of the Family Mediators Association. She has a wealth of over 20 years practice in family, mental health and human relations, in both the private and public sectors. To find out how Ruth can help you, please email Ruth at rs@flip.co.uk or call Family Law in Partnership on 020 7420 5000.