03rd Aug 2021

Resolution: The Review ft. FLiP’s Gillian Bishop and Selena Arbe-Barnes

Resolution: The Review ft. FLiP’s Gillian Bishop and Selena Arbe-Barnes

Family Law in Partnership is proud to see both FLiP consultant Gillian Bishop and FLiP associate, Selena Arbe-Barnes featured in Resolution’s The Review.

“With stress and wellbeing issues reaching frightening levels in the profession we must acknowledge our fears and vulnerability if we are to make crucial and lasting change” says consultant Gillian Bishop in her thought provoking article in the Resolution Review this month. As we come slowly out of the pandemic, Gillian lays down the challenge of ways she would like to see the profession change for the better for the ultimate benefit of clients.

Gillian Bishop’s article has been recognised by fellow family law practitioners as particularly relevant and engaging. Gillian’s colleague at FLiP, associate and newly qualified family mediator, Nicole Phillips comments that the article “truly holds a mirror up to the world of family law. In my head I shouted “yes!” after almost every paragraph. A hugely brave and radically honest piece. I so hope that many others will read and reflect on her words.”

The full article (usually members only) can be read here. Please do share your thoughts.

Selena’s article for Resolution’s The Review looks at accidental slips or omissions in legal drafting and the decision of IC v RC [2020] EWHC 299. The case illustrates the narrow but potentially far-reaching consequences of the ‘slip rule’ and reminds family law practitioners that a common sense approach to addressing genuine, minor errors in drafting should always prevail. Selena’s article which can be accessed by Resolution members only can be found here. 

At FLiP we take a unique approach to family law. We balance our exceptional legal expertise with care and compassion, delivering intelligent and creative solutions while carefully managing any emotional impact. We have developed a wellbeing hub to provide our clients with support and a space for reflection whenever they need it. If you would like to learn more about how FLiP can help you with your family law issues, please contact us.