23rd Nov 2015

Resolution Family Dispute Resolution Week

Resolution Family Dispute Resolution Week.

Today Resolution has launched the Family Dispute Resolution Week with a focus on putting children first during divorce or separation.

A poll conducted by Resolution found that 82% of those aged 14-22 who have gone through family break ups would prefer their parents to part if they are unhappy. The idea that parents should stay together for the sake of their children seems not to be true.

The children surveyed wanted more involvement in the decision making process during a divorce – where they live and with which parent – but often found these decisions were made without reference to them.

We’ve recently published a series of blogs – The Muffled Voice of the Child – which addresses precisely this issue. At what stage should children be listened to (and heard) and how should their views be used and to what extent.

Unfortunately, during a divorce or separation communication may long since have broken down between the parents. Re-establishing these lines of communication and involving the children in this process is key to developing a long-lasting settlement.

At Family Law in Partnership we offer Parenting After Parting classes to help parents focus on putting their children first during a divorce or separation. The sessions cover such issues as what to say to children about separation and divorce, how children can be affected when parents split up, how to help children to manage grief and loss constructively and how to establish a parenting relationship with your ex partner. The sessions are run in groups of around a dozen parents by experienced therapists, trained in providing information in a helpful and accessible way. Those attending can be as involved in the session as they like. Some prefer to sit in the background, whilst others relish the opportunity of hearing from those in similar situations – and more particularly, from those in the mirror situation.

For more information about our Parenting After Parting classes please contact us at hello@flip.co.uk or contact our Parenting After Parting coordinator Wendy Hoare to find out more.