06th Jul 2023

Post-Nups: FLiP’s Bradley Williams Featured in Tatler

Post-Nups: FLiP’s Bradley Williams Featured in Tatler


We are delighted to see FLiP Director Bradley Williams quoted in Tatler’s recent article – “Why the wealthy can’t get enough of a post-nup” found here.

Bradley Williams, Director at Family Law in Partnership, tells Tatler that ‘provided they are done properly, post-nups will likely be upheld on a divorce.’ He explains how they are often proposed if one of the parties is likely to receive wealth as part of a wider inheritance tax planning review, or a post-nup can also be a pre-cursor to divorce. Bradley goes on to explain how someone thinking about suggesting a post-nup should raise it with their partner. His top tip is to start the conversation as soon as possible.

Bradley is one of Tatler’s recommended family law specialists for High Net Worth individuals. He appears in the Tatler Address Book found here.

Post nuptial agreements can offer security, legal protection and peace of mind. They can shape what happens if, at a later stage, you and your partner separate and divorce. In the meantime, they can bring clarity and support to your relationship and can provide the added benefit of legal protection should either of you need it at a later date.

If you would like to learn more about post nuptial agreements, visit our dedicated website page below.

FLiP Director Bradley Williams specialises in complex financial remedy applications, applications concerning the property of non-married couples, and private children law issues. Bradley has extensive experience of international family law cases and frequently acts for clients with substantial assets. Bradley deals with cases concerning pre and post nuptial agreements across jurisdictions, including the application of foreign matrimonial property regimes.

If you would like to understand more about post nuptial agreements and how they might help you, please contact Bradley Williams on T: 020 7420 5000 or E: bw@flip.co.uk.