07th Oct 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020

Here at FLiP we are always trying to place our work in the context of the mental health of our clients. We understand that divorce can be detrimental to mental health (as is widely known, divorce comes only after the death of one’s partner in terms of life stress (The Holmes Rahe Stress Inventory)). Part of our mission at FLiP is to offer a holistic service that supports the mental health of all members of a family in the fall-out from divorce.


Jo Harrison, FLiP’s in-house counsellor, has recorded a short video on how we can help to support your mental health during divorce or separation.

Jo Harrison has a depth and breadth of expertise in working with clients who are separating or divorcing and is sensitive to the impact of relationship breakdown and how it can affect individuals and families. As a relationship counsellor, Jo fully appreciates the emotional upheaval and difficulties of a separation and as a former family lawyer she understands the particular pressures of going through the legal process.

If you would like to speak to Jo please contact Wendy Hoare of FLiP E: wh@flip.co.uk to set up an appointment.