20th Jun 2023

What is The Collaborative Process? A Video

What is The Collaborative Process? A Video


The collaborative approach can be a beneficial way of resolving issues, whether or not you and your partner have children. It is an approach that gives individuals their own voice and real control over the outcome.

The collaborative approach is one in which you and your partner, and lawyers for both of you, commit to resolving the matters between you without involving the Court (other than to deal with the legal formalities of the divorce and to approve the financial settlement you reach). Some people refer to this as a collaborative divorce. It is this “no Court commitment” which for many offers the prospect of delivering a solution for the long-term benefit of you and your family.

In this video – FLiP Director James Pirrie explains more about the collaborative process and who should be using it.

We have a large team of experienced collaborative practitioners. We are members of the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners and published the first guide for clients on the collaborative approach, ” A Client’s Guide to Collaborative Divorce – Putting Your Family First” (2010). Contact us below for more information.