01st May 2024

Untangling the Mental Load after Divorce and Separation: A Podcast

In this episode of the FLiP podcast, Senior Associate Hannah Greene and FLiP’s in-house Divorce Consultant and Individual & Relationship Therapist Jo Harrison discuss how couples can manage their mental load once they separate.

In this wide-ranging discussion, Hannah and Jo look at how tasks within a relationship are often divided and the impact a separation may have on mental load as individuals seek to resume roles which they may have relinquished during the relationship. There is an acknowledgement that many separated parents wish to be seen as a “competent parent” as they move into the next chapter of their lives, but this can be hard and it can take some adjustment.

Jo suggests that the key to managing the transition successfully is goodwill and fostering a good relationship through communication and an acknowledgement of the contribution their former partner has made and is making: “The better that you get on with your former partner, the easier it will be.”

Hannah and Jo discuss the importance of building trust and sharing information with an acceptance that this can often take time to develop. Tread carefully and delicately, and think about your communication in terms of timing and tone. Appreciate and accept that your former partner may do things differently.

At FLiP we have a team of Divorce Consultants and Individual & Relationship Therapists who have a wealth of experience in helping couples to improve their relationships, whether they are together or separating or separated. Our team offer a place to reflect on relationship issues in a confidential and stigma-free way. To learn more, visit our dedicated page found here.

Jo Harrison is a Divorce Consultant and Individual & Relationship Therapist at FLiP. She is very experienced in working with individuals and couples who are separating.

Hannah Greene is a Senior Associate at FLiP. She advises on all aspects of divorce and cohabitation, including financial and children matters, and on relationship agreements, including prenuptial and cohabitation agreements. A qualified collaborative lawyer, Hannah’s focus is on providing clear, pragmatic advice whilst maintaining an empathetic approach, taking all available opportunities to minimise conflict, where possible.