09th Mar 2021

The Without Prejudice Podcast ft Gillian Bishop

The Without Prejudice Podcast ft Gillian Bishop

Lawyers are Human Too

Family Law in Partnership takes the welfare of its staff very seriously. The work we do for our clients involves dealing on a daily basis with the fears, anxieties, stress and emotional turmoil of others. FLiP recognises that this can take its toll not only on the clients themselves but on the family law professionals who help them.

Although supervision is not compulsory for family lawyers (in the way that it is for other professionals in the family justice system such as therapists and counsellors) for the last seven years FLiP has made supervision available to all its professional staff – and was one of the first firms in the country to do so. This initiative was pioneered by FLiP consultant Gillian Bishop who was the first in the firm to take the plunge. Recently Gillian was invited to take part in a podcast with junior family lawyers in other firms and chambers who wanted to know more about supervision and its benefits. You can listen to the podcast below.

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