15th Jun 2022

Infant Children and Divorce: A Podcast

Infant Children and Divorce

In this episode of the FLiP podcast, FLiP director Elizabeth Fletcher and our in-house counsellor Jo Harrison discuss the special considerations that parents might want to bear in mind if they are separating or divorcing and they have infant children. Elizabeth provides an insight into the legal considerations whilst Jo looks at the emotional and psychological impact.

Elizabeth and Jo look at the anxieties that many parents feel as they transition from becoming new parents to becoming separated parents. They discuss how it is possible to successfully co-parent together as unified, but separated parents, acknowledging the long journey ahead for the parents of infants.

Elizabeth Fletcher advises clients on how to manage the arrangements for their children and finances following the breakdown of their marriage, relationship, or civil partnership. She has particular experience in private law children arrangements including those with an international element as well as a breadth of experience in financial remedy proceedings following divorce. Elizabeth also practices as a mediator.

Jo Harrison is our in-house therapist. She is very experienced in working with individuals and couples who are separating.

For further information or advice, please contact a member of our expert team at E: hello@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.