22nd Nov 2023

FLiP’s Cohabitation Week – Video #3 – Cohabitation Agreements

FLiP’s Cohabitation Week – Video #3 – Cohabitation Agreements


Director David Allison highlights the importance of cohabitation agreements as part of our cohabitation awareness week. A cohabitation agreement sets out arrangements concerning things such as your finances and property while you’re living together and in the event that you separate. The agreement can also set out provision for children, such as maintenance.

A cohabitation agreement is legally binding and enforceable by the court so long as it has been properly executed.

Learn more about cohabitation agreements by watching David’s video below.


David Allison is a director at Family Law in Partnership. David specialises in financial claims on divorce, especially divorce cases with an international element. He has extensive experience in the legal issues relating to cohabitants, same sex couples, and civil partners.

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