15th Sep 2023

Domestic Abuse: Working with Victims and Perpetrators

Domestic Abuse: Working with Victims and Perpetrators


In this episode of the FLiP podcast, FLiP Director Helen Greenfield, leads a discussion with Chantal Hughes, Chief Executive at The Hampton Trust on the topic of domestic abuse and working with victims and perpetrators. Helen and Chantal cover a wide range of points such as:

  • Who is referred to The Hampton Trust.
  • The interventions offered by The Hampton Trust such as Project CARA.
  • The language surrounding domestic abuse and coercive control.
  • The stigma encompassing domestic abuse.
  • The impacts of abuse on a family, in particular children who as defined by The Domestic Abuse Bill can also be victims of domestic abuse, with reference to the BBC documentary featuring Ian Wright which The Hampton Trust were involved with.
  • Whether victims feel reassured by perpetrator support work and whether it can be said it is a safeguarding system for the victims.

About the Speakers

The Hampton Trust was founded in 1996 to deliver domestic violence perpetrator programmes within the criminal justice system. They have developed community based interventions for families experiencing domestic abuse alongside providing innovative criminal justice response.

Chantal Hughes has been part of The Hampton Trust since 2006 where she joined as the Domestic Abuse Services Manager before progressing to Deputy Chief Executive.  She took a 4-month sabbatical in 2011 to work for a charity providing rehabilitation to street children in one of the largest slums in Africa and remains connected to the work in Kenya.

Taking up the role of CEO in 2013, Chantal has led the expansion of a range of domestic abuse and criminal justice interventions.  She remains firmly committed to tackling the root cause of domestic abuse by holding perpetrators to account and ensuring the voice of victims and children are at the forefront of the work.

Helen Greenfield advises on all matters relating to family breakdown, divorce and cohabitation. She has a particular interest in helping those who have been affected by domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can include anything from isolating a person from their friends and family, monitoring their time or taking control over aspects of their everyday life (such as where they can go, who they can see, what to wear, their finances or when they can sleep. It can also include threats to hurt, to kill or even physical assault).

Helen recognises that the legal implications of domestic abuse are accompanied by a plethora of emotional and other issues, and she aims to ensure that clients are able to work through them with the right advice and support.

For more information on how Family Law in Partnership can help you if you are faced with domestic abuse, please visit our website page Abuse in Relationships below or contact director Helen Greenfield who focuses on this area of law on T: 020 7420 5000 or by email at hg@flip.co.uk