08th Aug 2023

Divorce Diary: How Therapy Changed My Experience of Divorce

Divorce Diary: How Therapy Changed My Experience of Divorce


In this episode of the FLiP podcast, Marcia Drummond, Associate and Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer, leads a discussion with a former client about his divorce journey and the powerful impact therapy had on his experience.

The questions in which Marcia asked her former client are listed below with the appropriate time stamp in case you would like to skip to a certain point of the discussion.

  1. At what stage did you consider it important to obtain legal advice rather than self-represent? (1:12)
  2. How did the end of your marriage impact on your mental health and how did you manage it? (1:47)
  3. When did you engage the services of a therapist? (2:30)
  4. How did you choose the therapist and what skillset was important to you? (4:13)
  5. What impact did therapy have on the way that you dealt with the divorce process? What would say are its benefits (and disadvantages) for other separating couples? (4:50)
  6. Do you consider there is an alignment between the legal advice you received and the support you received from your therapist? (7:39)
  7. Statistics show that men are likely to be more resistant to engage in therapy or counselling – do you have an opinion as to why that might be? (8:57)
  8. You’ve taken therapy to another level and have started a course in therapy – what was your motivation? (10:39)
  9. What would be your advice to anyone going through a divorce or separation? (12:20)

At FLiP we have a team of Divorce Consultants and Individual & Relationship Therapists who have a wealth of experience in helping couples improve their relationships, whether they are together or separating or separated. Our team offer a place to reflect on relationship issues in a confidential and stigma-free way. To learn more, visit our dedicated page found here.

Marcia Drummond is an Associate and Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx) Lawyer. She handles all aspects of private family law and has a broad range of experience across financial, divorce/dissolution and parenting matters. To learn more about Marcia, click below.

Everyone’s experience of divorce is unique and deeply personal. But there are some common threads which we wanted to share via our divorce diaries. These come from former clients who have been generous enough to write about their own experiences. Take a look below.

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