20th Jun 2023

Child Inclusive Mediation: A Video

Child Inclusive Mediation: A Video


At Family Law in Partnership our approach to mediation is very child focused. We encourage parents to adopt a cooperative and pragmatic approach to their decision making guided by what is in the best interests of their children.

Following an initial joint mediation meeting with the parents or guardians and with their consent, children can be involved in the mediation process. It is generally accepted that children aged 10 and over will be consulted about arrangements which affect them as part of the overall mediation process.

Our family mediators have a wealth of experience in child inclusive. Our Head of Mediation, Dominic Raeside, was involved in developing the code of conduct for child inclusive mediations and discusses what is involved in child inclusive mediation more in this video.

For more information on child inclusive mediation, please contact our Mediation Coordinator, Wendy Hoare.