16th Sep 2020

CGT: What’s New for 2020-2021? A Video

What’s new for 2020-2021? – with a focus on CGT: A Video


In this video, director James Pirrie of Family Law in Partnership and Sofia Thomas (Sofia Thomas Ltd) discuss CGT, the reduction of deemed residence in the PPR and other tax matters relevant to divorce and separation.

Sofia Thomas, Director of Sofia Thomas Ltd is a specialist divorce tax adviser. Sofia and her team aim to provide straightforward advice on a range of complex UK tax issues whether that be through expert instruction or single joint expert instruction. To contact Sofia, visit her website here

James Pirrie is a director at Family Law in Partnership. He specialises in complex financial issues and non-adversarial and cost-effective approaches to divorce and separation including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. Contact James at E: jp@flip.co.uk or T: 020 7420 5000.

Sofia Thomas and James Pirrie have co-authored the publication “Tax Implications on Family Breakdown.” To learn more about the book and to purchase it, visit here