08th Nov 2023

Podcast: Jo Harrison Featured on Conversations With Annalisa

Podcast: Jo Harrison Featured on Conversations With Annalisa


Our Divorce Consultant and Individual & Relationship Therapist Jo Harrison was invited to talk with Guardian columnist Annalisa Barbieri on her podcast Conversations With Annalisa about “What Does A Real Relationship Look Like”.

Annalisa describes it as follows: “Not what makes a relationship real vs fantasy or made up, but the nubbins of relationships, the reality. Many people seem unprepared for what a real relationship looks and feels like, and this might be because of how they are portrayed on TV and on social media where many times it’s only the polar opposites which are show: either people talking about how fantastic their relationship is or how terrible. Real relationships are quite ordinary. But what should they be like? Is it okay to argue? When do you know if your relationship has tipped from ‘real’ to dysfunctional or even abusive? If relationships are such hard work why do we even bother to have them?” 

To listen to the full episode click here.

Joanna is an experienced couple therapist who has worked with many people in respect to their relationships, both couples who are together and couples who are working towards a separation.

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