09th Jan 2020

Pensions in divorce – are they being missed?

It was alarming – but perhaps not surprising – to read in The Telegraph research that ‘the average 65-year-old woman retires with a pension five times smaller than a man’ and that seven out of ten couples will never even consider the pensions at the point of divorce.

There are potentially numerous reasons why this might be happening. However if couples seek proper independent legal advice, the issue of pensions will not be overlooked.

Take a look at our blog: ‘Can I have a share of my spouse’s pension on divorce’ which provides a detailed analysis of how divorces are treated in the divorce process in conjunction with various other factors pertinent to the list contained within section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.

A pension could be one of your or your spouse’s most valuable assets and it is crucial that pensions are considered when discussing an overall financial settlement. Ignoring, misinterpreting or undervaluing pension assets can be a costly mistake. Professional advice is essential.

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