06th Jun 2022

Parenting After Parting June Dates Available for Booking

Parenting After Parting June Dates Available for Booking

We are delighted to announce that three new Parenting After Parting course dates are available in June 2022. Parenting After Parting will run from 8.00pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday 8th, Wednesday 15th and Wednesday 29th June 2022.

Parenting After Parting is an online e-learning course made available by The Parent Practice and Family Law in Partnership. The course provides parents who are going through divorce or separation, with the appropriate tools and support to help them through the transition to being a single parent while focusing on putting their children’s needs first.

Divorce and separation can be extremely damaging to children, especially when parents are caught up in unresolved conflict. Professor Gordon Harold, Cambridge University’s new Professor of the Psychology of Education and Mental Health, has recently stated that: “High levels of conflict between parents is shown to have many poor outcomes for children…..Patterns of conflict can even be passed on to the next generation.” Professor Harold’s research was referred to at the recent landmark event, co-sponsored by Family Law in Partnership, “Taking the fight out of family separation: finding safe and solutions for all” which focused on the impact that parental separation can have on the wellbeing of children.

As we approach Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, developing tips and techniques to help children, even infant children, through divorce and separation is an investment in your future and that of your children.

The structure of our Parenting After Parting e-learning course is designed to reflect the needs of busy parents. It gives parents the flexibility to access the course materials where and when they please. The course materials are supported by three live coaching sessions (dates shown below) hosted by parenting specialist Elaine Halligan of The Parent Practice.

Contact Sarah Cloke at Family Law in Partnership on 020 7420 5000 or by email at sc@flip.co.uk for further information on our forthcoming Parenting After Parting course dates.

Alternatively, you can find further information and book onto the course using the link below:

Available from 8.00pm-9.30pm

June 2022

• Wednesday 8th June

• Wednesday 15th June

• Wednesday 29th June

Book onto the Parenting After Parting course by following the link below: