10th Feb 2022

Parenting After Parting: How Will It Help Me?

Parenting After Parting: How Will It Help Me?

Our Parenting After Parting course has been running for the last 15 years. In recent years we have run the course in partnership with The Parent Practice who specialise in teaching parenting skills to parents via online courses, workshops and private coaching.

The course is designed for parents to draw specific attention to the impact of divorce and separation on their children. It aims to encourage parents to make decisions which are in the best interests of their children, while thinking about the support their children may need, in the hope of creating a cooperative relationship moving forward. A Family Court Judge stated that “every parent should be made to attend one of these”.

The course has now been redesigned to reflect the needs of busy parents, by offering an online e-learning course supported by three live coaching sessions delivered via Zoom. This gives parents the flexibility to get involved where and when they please. Parenting After Parting is about understanding the importance of children’s wellbeing – a previous client stated that the course “reinforced my belief that the child comes first”.

Parenting After Parting gives parents the opportunity to hear the views and experiences from other parents who are going through divorce and separation. As another client commented: “to be in a room with other parents who are in the same situation was good for us – we felt less alone”.

Parenting after Parting is now open for bookings via the following link: https://the-parent-practice.teachable.com/p/parenting-after-parting-summer


The e-learning materials are available for viewing as soon as you sign up. The three live coaching sessions will run as follows:

Spring course:

• Wed 2nd March 2022

• Wed 9th March 2022

• Wed 16th March 2022

Summer course:

• Weds 27th April 2022

• Weds 4th May 2022

• Weds 11th May 2022

Autumn course:

• Weds 21st September 2022

• Weds 28th September 2022

• Weds 5th October 2022

Book onto the Parenting After Parting course by following the link below: