05th Dec 2018

Our Top Tips for the First Christmas after a Divorce or Separation

The first Christmas after a separation or divorce can be a difficult time for everyone concerned, particularly your children. Here is our Christmas list with tips to help you ensure that the holiday period is as harmonious as possible.


Put your children first. Consider what is best for your children over the holiday period and focus on ensuring that they have as settled and happy a time as possible.


The holiday period is a time for putting aside your differences and making the most of the time that you have with your children. Don’t let petty disputes ruin it for you or others.


Don’t forget that children may want to see relatives who are special to them over the holiday period too. Factor the needs of relatives, particularly those of grandparents, into your holiday arrangements if you can.


Don’t be afraid of establishing new traditions which you can enjoy with your children in the years to come. But don’t forget that children (even older ones) are creatures of habit and try to observe existing Christmas traditions as best you can.

Spend time not money

It can be difficult for children to adapt to new arrangements and Christmas can be a particularly emotional time for them. Your time, attention and support will mean far more than expensive presents.


Communication is the key to success. Even though it may be hard, try to keep channels of communication open with your ex partner to ensure that everything works as smoothly as possible.

Manage expectations

The first Christmas after a separation or divorce can be a confusing and difficult time for everyone. Try your best to manage expectations so that everyone, particularly your children, knows what to expect.

Agree arrangements

Agree arrangements as far ahead as possible and try to be flexible for the sake of your children. Once you have agreed arrangements, try to stick to them.


Even though you might want to spend as much time as possible with your children over the holiday period remember that your ex partner is likely to want to do the same. Try to view things from the point of view of the children, rather than thinking about what you want. Share the time that you have with your children as amicably as possible and encourage your children to enjoy their time with their other parent.

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