27th Apr 2023

One Couple, One Lawyer – Is It Right For Me?

By James Pirrie

FLiP Together: One Couple, One Lawyer


FLiP Director James Pirrie explains how FLiP Together, the One Couple, One Lawyer model can help couples to resolve issues arising on a divorce or separation together. 

Imagine you had one lawyer helping you and your former spouse or partner to understand:

  • The legal and practical landscape in which you find yourselves once you have made the decision to separate; and
  • The options you have for moving forward; the advantages, risks and tripping points.

Imagine also that this lawyer could help you to reach agreements around the stuck points and convert them into a legally binding structure.

This would surely mean, for example, that:

  • you would avoid paying for two expensive lawyers, one for each of you;
  • you would avoid expensive to-ing and fro-ing between these two lawyers as they formulate their views;
  • you would have the best chance of a more consensual and amicable way forward; and
  • you would avoid the risk of these two lawyers taking different views of the law and so allowing an expensive disagreement to come into being.

FLiP Together offers couples who want to work together on their divorce or separation the opportunity to avoid these tripping points, paving the way for the development of solutions together with benefit of the guidance and knowledge of an experienced family lawyer.

At FLiP we provide a thoroughly robust and creative One Couple, One Lawyer model which has been developed by our team of expert family lawyers in consultation with our relationship specialists. This unique combination means that the solutions you reach together will address not only the legal and practical aspects of your separation, but the emotional aspects too.

Directors David Allison and James Pirrie both offer FLiP Together, the One Couple, One Lawyer model. If you would like to find out more about FLiP Together and to discuss whether it is right for you, please contact David or James.

Learn more about FLiP Together: One Couple, One Lawyer on our dedicated website page below.  Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our FLiP Together lawyers, please contact James Pirrie or David Allison.